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Established in 2002, Suzhou ACE Sheet Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has always been committed to precision sheet metal manufacturing and integrated assembling. As one of the advanced precision metal engineering solutions providers, we have been providing quality solutions for customers for years. With advanced production equipment and excellent technology, we acquired ISO9001 quality system certification in 2004 and ISO14001 environmental system certification in 2010.

ACE provides
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ACE provides extensive services to customers and work with customers to find the best solutions in NPI, design or assembly. Relying on our experience of manufacturing and process designing as well as advanced management system, we are able to control the cost while keep improving the product quality and production efficiency, to create more value for customers. ACE has attracted many world top companies who have full confidence that ACE can manufacture high-standard precision parts in reason price and flawless service.


Products of the company are mainly used in five major professional industries, namely: industrial products and electrical appliances, network and data storage, robotic devices and artificial intelligent, high-speed railway self-service equipment and advanced medical diagnostic equipment


Suzhou ACE Sheet Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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